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Phillip Wilkerson is the Owner of Beacon Business Solutions, a Certified Business Coach, and a recognized Consultant.  Wilkerson has more than 20 years of corporate America experience in progressive leadership roles culminating as an executive vice president of a $600 million dollar division of a $1.7 billion dollar manufacturing company held on the New York Stock Exchange.  It was on this journey where he learned the value of people, the necessity of processes, the power of teams and the many meanings of leadership.  


Personalized Business Management Solutions for small to midsized business owners & executive leaders...

Recent Projects:
- Employee annual evaluation process
- Leadership training
- Business Strategy Development, communication, adoption & implementation
- Financial modeling & forecasting
- Improving cash flow
- Incentive/Recognition based compensation programs
- Business startup plans

- Project Management (detailed planning)

- Team Building & training via the DiSC assessment tool

- Lead generation

- Inventory Management

- Pricing models

- Sales Strategy 


- Committed to giving to others first.
- Passionately serving the community through the growth of relationships and partnerships.
- Energetically supporting small business owners to address their unique challenges. 

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