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How are the employees functioning at your company? Is each individual optimally carrying out your overall plan for company unity, growth and success? Whether the topic is team building or leadership lessons, time management or mindset, hiring a speaker to initiate action and inspire personnel is often a key component for business strategy implementation. 

Phillip Wilkerson is a seasoned speaker who offers fun, interactive and educational material custom designed for your specific audience and desired message.  Recent engagements include: the Houston A&M Reveille Club, Willowbrook Rotary Club, Zip Realty, Weekly Education Segments for Business Networking International Chapter and several workshops for small business owners.


Popular Topics:

  • Type 1 Leadership 5 Lessons 

  • Goal Setting - The Missing Step

  • The Mindset of Successful Leaders

  • Communication Makes the World Go Round

  • 5 Boosters to Achieve Your Optimal Business 

  • Marketing Investment Mentality

  • 5 Steps to Massive Profits

  • Raving Fans Drive Your Business

  • Time Management – You Can’t Do It

Professional Experience

Phillip Wilkerson is the owner of Beacon Enterprises LLC and a business coach.  He has over 20 years of Corporate America experience in progressive leadership roles culminating as an executive vice president of a $600 million dollar division of a $1.7 billion dollar manufacturing company held on the New York Stock Exchange.  It was on this journey where he learned the value of people, the necessity of processes, the power of teams and the many meanings of leadership.  Fortunately, some of the most extraordinary life changing events have come from the unemployment world called “transition”, the pure passion of the small business community, the compassion of strangers and the unrivaled work ethic in your local community. It is the lessons from the landscaper, the dumpster diver, the uneducated, the child and so many more that inspire stories to be shared, that motivate the desire to help as many people as possible and that now finds the greatest reward from seeing others succeed.


Arrange an introductory discussion about Speaking opportunities by completing the contact information section on this site. When the message is coming from the heart, the impact is pure and the results are beyond measure.

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