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Enjoy these success stories as shared by our clients!

Home Inspections

Name: Paul Ferguson

Business Name: A+ Inspections of Texas

Contact Info (to reference):  (936) 727-3737

We wanted to grow the business and overcome financial challenges. We had researched how other businesses in our field of work had succeeded, but our success was still less than stellar. We needed accountability and guidance on a weekly basis from someone who could look at our business with the experienced and trained eyes of an educated, experienced, and professional executive.

Currently our business income and work level is 30% higher the first half of this year than the past two years, higher than it has ever been.

Phillip has helped us to be focused and get the help we need to be more financially organized and stable.  At the beginning of the year our business income and work level was down about 40% compared to the past two years. It is now on track to produce a record year for us. We have been under less financial strain and can see a clear path ahead.

We have found that Phillip has our best interests at heart. He has been able to create a strategy that meets our needs and has encouraged us to identify what weekly and long goals we would like to achieve.

Hydraulic Specialists

Name: Thomas Eastham
Business Name: Woodlands Fluid Power
Contact Info: 281-259-5267


Phillip is an incredible person and resource, like a swiss army knife.  He has helped me define my life goals, hire executives, be a better communicator and business leader.   He has a talent for seeing the forest and the trees at the same time. Many times he has helped me clarify my thoughts around a complicated problem, allowing me to sleep at night.  If I was on a deserted island, he is on the short list of people I would bring with me.  A great thing about Phillip is that he holds very high moral and ethical standards.  He will not take your money unless he believes he can provide you value.   

Technology Solutions

Name: Melissa Horn, owner

Business Name: Beginner Geek
Contact Info: 281- 794-2827

I always look forward to my conversations with Phillip. He has helped me understand my unique strengths and how to use them to help my business stand out from the competition. We worked together on the products, pricing, marketing and implementation phases of my business plan. In my opinion, one of Phillip’s strengths is his ability to ask detailed and direct questions that guide me to uncover solutions that are relevant to me and the way I work.

Property Management

Name: Alejandro Haiek, CPM®

Business Name: ManagerFirm
Contact Info: 888-999-3910

 I selected Phillip because of his business ethics and knowledge. We needed someone creative and able to direct us in the Implementation of a business plan for 2 small businesses. Since partnering with Phillip, we have been able to set clear goals, identify required resources and compliance, and started to create a team.

I appreciate that Phillip provides a periodic follow up and focuses on value added tasks. With Phillip's direction, my business has accomplished more in the last few months that in previous years altogether.  Phillip has also helped my firm to significantly amplify its local network by recommending and introducing key human resources and companies that are relevant to our business plan.


Phillip will not do the job for you. It is ultimately up to you to get it done, but without Phillip and his intelligent techniques, it will take you longer and cost you more to reach your goals.  

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